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My it sure is dusty here

 So, it's been many months since I posted anything here so I felt the need to update.  So a great many deal of things of happened which a few of you know already but the biggest thing I felt the need to write about was my experience at Fannatiku this past weekend.   I had never been to an out of state convention before so this was my first time and I must say it was very fun.  The staff and just everyone there was so friendly not to mention the panels were great.   I have to say I met lots of incredibly talented cosplayers who were extremely fun to hang out with and hope we get to become friends.   There are two things I realized after I got back home from the convention.

1. I REALLY miss conventions even though the only ones have been Anime Vegas, being at a different one made me realize I miss the atmosphere and the comradery that comes with conventions which is why I'm making it a goal to try and attend ones whenever I can.

2. I should seriously give sewing a second chance.  I really hated it in high school because I was always stressed and frustrated with it, but after attending the cosplay panels, I feel very inspired to take up sewing again and work really hard to make some good cosplay for the conventions next year.
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Birthday Plans

Date: June 22
Time: 3-6 pm

Laser Quest
7361 West Lake Mead Boulevard
Las Vegas, NV 89128-1040

More Info: We'll all meet up at Laser Quest a little before 3 so we can get stuff organized. We'll stay there until closing when we'll head out to a restaurant (I'm open to suggestions) for some dinner. We may head back to my house to chill if anyone wants to. Presents aren't necessary but are appreciated. I hope to see you all there. If plans change, and you can't make it, just give me a call.

Your Mommy Kills Animals

This is a movie I'm dying to see. I stumbled across the trailer when I saw a bulletin about it. It shows both sides of the animal rights movement, and it does it in an unbiased manner. Here is my opinion of the animal rights movement: It's full of ignorance and hypocrisy that's carried out by using violence, fear, and propaganda. The ALF goes into animal-based facilities and frees animals. That may not sound bad, but they bombs these places and aren't above using other violent means to get animals free yet there are people who think they shouldn't be considered terrorists. Are you kidding me? Of course they're terrorists, they use violence and the threat of violence to get what they want, and that my friends is the definition of terrorism.

PETA is no better either. Sure, they themselves may not use violence, but they do support ALF. Not only that, they target children by using comics like Your Mommy Kills Animals. They also wish for there to be no pets since having a pet is equal to having a slave. So I guess that makes me and all the other pet lovers slave owners. One thing that bothers me is they kill 80% of the animals they take in. That makes me sick to my stomach because these animals for the most part are adoptable and healthy. Now, don't get me wrong, if an animal is very sick or old, they should be put down, but if an animal has nothing wrong with them, then it's wrong. I made this post public because if there is someone not on my friends list, I'd like to hear their arguments.
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