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The Mind of a Lolitaesque Doll

Whose is the voice ringing in my head?

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I'm just the average 20 year old girl living in Las Vegas (born and raised here). I have a wide variety of interests which are the following:

-Lolita Fashion (a HUGE passion in my life, I love collecting and wearing pieces)

-Japanese culture

-Anime and Manga





Currently, I'm working at the moment, and am planning to go to school next fall to be a vet, but I always change my mind on what I want to do so who knows. This journal is friend's only because I've had an incident where a certain jackass posted my journal entries on his journal to get my attention. Please comment in order to be added.
18th century, 19th century, 80s, adult swim, alice in wonderland, alichino, animals, animamundi, anime, antique beast, arachnophobia, aristocrat, atelier boz, avatar: the last airbender, belly dance, black metal, blood, bon jovi, bows, boys, bust a groove, cats, celtic music, chocochip cookie, chocolate, classic lolita, conventions, corsets, darkstalkers, david bowie, degrassi, demons, dir en grey, doujinshi, dragons, edgar allan poe, ega, elegant gothic lolita fashion, english, evanescence, fae, fan fiction, fashion, french, friends, fushigi yugi, geisha, gothic & lolita bible, gothic boys, gothic subculture, guro lolita, h.jelly, h.jelly & honey, h.naoto blood, hair dye, harajuku, having fun, headdresses, history, horror films, japan, japanese street fashion, johnny depp, jrock, kami, karma, labyrinth, lace, lacuna coil, lolita fashion, london after midnight, lord of the rings, macabre, malice mizer, mana, manga, mary janes, mary magdalene, metal, metamorphose temps de fille, moi dix mois, moi-même-moitié, moonlight, movies, music, mythology, new clothes, nice people, novala takemoto, occult, oniisama e, opera, oscar wilde, parasols, passion, petticoats, phantom of the opera, pirates, pop tarts, psycho le cemu, rainbow brite, reading, ribbons, rocky horror, rococo, role-playing, romance, rose of versailles, shimotsuma monogatari, singing, slash, spiders, strawberries, teddy bears, the cure, tim burton, tokyo, type-o-negative, under the glass moon, vampire hunter d, vampires, victorian, victorian maiden, video games, vintage, visual kei, werewolves, wolves, writing, x-japan, yaoi

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